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Commercial Roof Replacement Service In Chicago, IL

Commercial Roof Replacement Service

Whether the roof of your property is a low slope or a steep slope system, eventually, all roofs need to be replaced. Proper planning with a Building Maintenance program can help to make sure the budget is in place in advance to help avoid an unplanned financial loss. Once your roof is replaced, conducting ongoing roofing inspections will help to significantly prolong the lifetime of your new roof and the dollars you have invested in your Chicagoland property.

There is no shortage of options for either a low-slope or steep-slope roof replacement, and at Canga Restoration, we will work with you to make all the choices make sense. Each commercial property is a unique building, and each roof will mandate a unique set of circumstances that we can help to determine so that your property is fully protected from the Chicago weather.

commercial roof replacement service in chicago il
NRCA & Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

Canga Restoration is qualified to install the following roofing systems:

  • Canga Restoration is qualified to install the following roofing systems:
  • EPDM Single Ply Rubber Roofing Systems
  • Liquid Applied Membrane or Sealants
  • Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems
  • Single Ply Roofing Systems (including PVC and TPO)
  • Steep Slope Roofing Systems (shingles, etc.)

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