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Unfortunately, most of the time, commercial properties only become aware of a leak once a storm hits. The damage to the roof might have been caused by a previous storm, and future storms will only make the leak even worse. Once a leak has broken the integrity of your roofing system, it is vital to get a professional assessment of the issue and to get the problem solved before the damage can spread. Even a small leak can result in major damage to either a residential or commercial roof, and the low-slope roofs often found in commercial settings are particularly vulnerable to pooling water, punctures, and tears after a severe Chicago storm.

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Licensed, Bonded, and Insured and Roofing Experts

At Canga Restoration, we have highly trained commercial roof technicians who can provide a thorough inspection and are ready to repair both low-slope and steep-slope roofs. Whether a minor repair or a more extensive project is what the situation demands, we offer the emergency services you will need to minimize the impact on your property. We will provide temporary solutions if needed, and work to provide cost-conscious options to solve the problem at hand, while also proposing more permanent solutions. Our goal is to solve your immediate repairs quickly but also make sure you do not have repeat occurrences of issues from the same root cause.

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