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Most Common Types of Roof Damage

You may wonder what the signs of roof damage are, and if you find roof damage, where you can turn to get the necessary repairs. Find out more about the different types of roof damage and how to identify them. If you do find that your roof is damaged, it is time to take action and find a roofing contractor with a reputation for great customer service and lasting results. Keep reading to find out more details about the different types of roof damage and who to call when you need trustworthy service and reliable repairs.

Different Types of Roof Damage

Learn more about the different types of roof damage and how to identify each. Once you know that your roof is damaged, you will want to take action and call a roofing contractor who can fix it for you to protect your home and your family.

Wind Damage

High winds can really do a number on your roof and cause significant damage. Anytime you have a strong storm blowing or a tropical system in your area, your roof is at risk of getting damaged. Whether it is just a few missing shingles or sections of your roof are missing, you will likely need roof repairs after one of these wind events. The way to tell if you have wind damage is usually very obvious.

Missing shingles and sections of your roof are the most typical signs. However, that can also drive rain into materials and cause further damage. To know the scope of the damage, you will need your roofing contractor to inspect the roof and give you a rundown on the necessary repairs. If the damage is too severe, you may need a roof replacement.

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the more obvious roof damage types. You will usually notice a dark patch or disintegrating shingles. Water damage can also likely lead to leaks in your roof. It is important to get water damage fixed before it can spread further.

Once water damage has spread over a large section of the roof, it might not be repairable. In that case, you may need to have your roof replaced. Anytime you feel you may have roof damage caused by water, call your local contractor to check it out and give you options before it can get out of hand.

Shingle Damage

Shingle damage is the most common type of damage on roofs that have not been exposed to severe weather or extreme elements. Shingle damage can look like the granules coming off of each shingle, some discoloration, missing shingles, or even cracking. If your shingles are damaged, you can call our roofing professionals to give you the repairs you need to protect your roof.

If you act quickly on shingle damage, you can put off having to replace your roof longer and keep your home and its contents safe. If you just bought your home and noticed that it has shingle damage, the best course of action is to call your local roofing contractor for a thorough inspection. There may be more damage than you notice initially, and you will want to act quickly on any problems to help prevent additional costs.

Flashing Damage

Your roof flashing is a lining that prevents air and water from entering underneath the roof. This lining can become damaged due to severe weather, wind, or even age. If you have flashing damage, you’ll need to get the problem fixed right away to keep debris and water from entering the roof. The best way to know if you have flashing damage is to get an inspection.

It is not always obvious to the homeowner unless they get on top of the roof and look around. If the flashing is damaged and you do not repair it, the damage can erode the materials around the area. Some other problems could include rust and roof leaks. There are some temporary fixes, but eventually, it may require a replacement.

Age Damage

Age damage to your roof can be sneaky. You may forget that your roof is over 20 years old, and it can slowly deteriorate and allow moisture and even pests to enter the home. If you begin to notice that your roof has dark streaks, moss, dark patches, cracking, or even curling edges, it may be a sign that it’s time to get repairs or even a roof replacement.

If your roof is under 20 years old, and you notice these things, it may be repairable. The only way to know is to get your roofing contractor to give it a thorough inspection. They will let you know the results, and you can make your decision based on the severity of the problem and your budget.

Hail Damage

Hail can do a surprising amount of damage to a roof. When large hail falls in your area, it can dislodge shingles and even make holes in your roof. If you’ve had hail recently, it is important to get a roofing contractor to inspect your roof right away. The damage from the hill may not always be a parent right away, but a closer inspection can reveal the true scope of the damage. If it’s left unchecked, hail damage can cause leaks and allow pests to enter your home.

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