Maintenance Plans


Roofing maintenance programs can help protect one of the largest, and fastest depreciating investments of your commercial building. Participating in a preventative damage program can add up to ten years to your roof’s life as well as reduce long-term costs down the road.

The Benefits of Maintenance

Extend Your Roofs Lifespan

  • Properly maintained roofs can out last their initial warranty

  • Enrolling in maintenance services often result in extended warranties

  • Maintained roofs can expect less issues throughout its lifetime

Preventative Practices

  • Regular inspections can help ensure warranties are maintained

  • Find damages in their infancy and deal with them before they become a bigger issue

Create an Established Plan

  • Documented history of the roof for more accurate diagnostics

  • Established relationship with an added increased accountability

Fiscally Beneficial

  • Maintained Roofs on average cost less to replace when the time comes

  • Longer lasting roof’s enable capital to be used for more pressing business expenses


We are proud to work with so many commercial properties in the Chicagoland area. But we also know that seeing is believing, which is why we’re proud to provide a photo gallery of our work. This photo gallery showcases some of our more impressive work in the commercial roofing field. If you’re in need of Commercial Maintenance or any type of Commercial Roofing needs, give Canga Roofing a call today and we will be happy to speak with you.

Commercial Maintenance Programs

Basic Bronze

Annual Visual Roof Inspection and Reports

Cleaning of Drain Baskets and Gutters

Silver Safety

Bi-annual Roof Inspections and Reports

Total Debris removal

Minor general repairs

Reports for Larger Repairs

In-depth inspection of Seams and Flashings of Roof Top Units

Gold Guarantee

Quarterly Roof Inspections and Reports including new roof cost

Total Debris Removal

All visual repairs performed

Reports of Large Repairs

In-depth inspections of all Seams and Flashings on Roof

Infrared Inspection

CAD Drawing of Roof

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For our pricing, please reach out! These programs are often dependent on the roof which is being maintained and will need to be quoted by our maintenance program provider. We would love to hear from you and begin working on a solution to a longer-lasting roof.

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