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Is Roof Repair Covered by Insurance?

Being a homeowner is an important responsibility; it includes keeping abreast of what parts of your home may be covered by your insurance policy if an unfortunate event were to occur. One of these important parts is your roof. Thankfully, most insurance policies provide coverage for roof damage caused by natural disasters. However, it’s critical to know that not all types of roof repair can be covered by your insurance. Find out why below.

What Kind of Roof Damage Does Insurance Cover?

Along with other factors put into consideration, such as the roof’s age, most homeowners insurance policies typically cover unforeseen damage caused by an extreme weather event. Examples of this kind of damage are as follows:

Hail Damage

While coverage varies from policy to policy, you should expect to be able to file a claim if your roof has suffered damage from hailstones at least 1 inch in diameter. Hail of this size or larger can cause dings and dents to your roof as well as cause missing shingles.

Fire Damage

Accident-caused house fires that lead to roof damage may be covered by your insurance policy. Most providers will typically help you pay for roof repair, as well as any damage to other structures in your home or your belongings.

Wind Damage

Your insurance policy may also cover roof damage caused by extreme weather, such as hurricanes or tornadoes. Heavy winds that occur during these events can blow off shingles or other important parts of your roof that may require you to seek out professional roof repair services.

Fallen Tree Damage

If the fallen tree damage to your roof was caused by a storm or another unforeseen event, it may be covered under your insurance policy. However, if the fallen tree was due to neglect or vandalism, you will not be able to file a successful claim.

Types of Damage Not Usually Covered by Insurance

As mentioned above, not all types of roof damage are covered by insurance, especially if they are not due to a natural disaster or unforeseen extreme event. Here are some examples of roof repair services that are unlikely covered by your insurance:

Cosmetic Repairs and Replacements

Unless your roof was structurally compromised by a severe weather event, it is unlikely that a full roof replacement will be covered by your insurance. Furthermore, if a severe weather event did occur but only caused cosmetic damage to your roof (scratched a few asphalt shingles, for example), it may not be covered as well. Basically, roof damage coverage is usually available only for circumstances that truly necessitate roof repairs.

Preventable Damage

Filing an insurance claim for roof repairs due to preventable damage will likely result in a denial. Preventable damage is any damage to your roof that could have been avoided with preventive maintenance. If you have not kept up with your roof’s maintenance schedule, you are unlikely to get roof repair coverage for the following issues:

  • Wear and Tear
  • Pest Damage
  • Roof Leaks
  • Negligence (such as damage caused by over-pressure washing)

Will Insurance Cover a 20-Year-Old Roof?

Your insurance provider will always take your roof’s age into consideration. If your roof is more than 20 years old, your provider can refuse to renew your policy altogether unless your roof manages to pass an inspection. In the rare situation that you do get coverage for an aging roof, your insurance provider will only likely cover up to the actual cash value of your roof.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Blown-Off Shingles?

Your insurance provider may cover roof repairs for any missing shingles that were caused by a severe weather event. In some cases, you might even be eligible for a full roof replacement. For instance, if an adjuster comes to your property and determines that enough strikes have significantly impacted your roof’s structural integrity and lifespan, you may be able to file a roof replacement claim.

Will Insurance Cover an Entire Roof Replacement?

If your home requires a roof replacement because your roof is aging, then it’s highly unlikely that your insurance provider will help you pay for it. However, as mentioned before, if your roof was completely destroyed by an unforeseen, extreme weather event or suffered damage making it structurally unsound, you may be able to file a full roof replacement claim.

What You Should Know About Filing a Roof Repair Claim

The Cause of Damage Is Key

When your insurance provider looks into your roof claim, the first thing they’re going to do is investigate the cause of the damage. The process of investigating your claim includes, among others, gathering documentation, taking witness statements, and inspecting your roof and surroundings. Your insurance provider needs to be able to collect enough evidence of coverable damage that warrants a payout for your roof repair or replacement.

Carefully Review Your Policy

Not all insurance policies are the same, so it helps to review yours thoroughly before making any claims or accepting any payouts from your insurance provider. If you are ineligible for certain coverage, it helps to know this in advance to save yourself time and effort pursuing a claim. In the same manner, it also helps to know the full limits to which you may be covered so you can avoid being underpaid by your insurance provider.

Expect to Pay a Deductible

It’s very rare that insurance fully covers roof repairs or replacements. Usually, there will be a deductible amount that you will need to meet first. Then, your insurance provider may either pay the full cost of your roof repair or only up to a certain amount. Again, you must review your policy carefully to confirm your insurance coverage for your roof.

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