Building Maintenance Services


The roof of your commercial property is typically one of the single largest depreciating assets of your Chicagoland property.    All too often the only time issues with your roof are detected is once water is already leaking into your building and further damage to your property or disruption of your tenants becomes the likely outcome.     Fortunately, scheduling routine maintenance visits with a professional roofing company can help to avert such catastrophic losses.

At Canga Restoration we recommend a minimum of yearly roofing inspections as well as a visit after every major storm.     This type of commercial roofing maintenance program of is the best proactive approach you can take to avoid unplanned for future expenses instead of reacting to a roofing system issue.      Regular visits on your Chicagoland roof allow us to track the condition of your roof, and this familiarity will often allow us to diagnose and repair problems before they negatively impact your investment.

After each visit to your commercial property, we will provide you with a thorough update on the status of your roofing system, and any recommendations we have to help protect your investment.      The long-term planning for your roof that Canga Restoration can provide will help to extend the lifetime of your current roof and will also help prepare you in advance for when you eventually need to plan to replace the roof of your building.    You will be happy to have us on your team – especially during the unpredictable wet and snowy months of a fierce Chicago Winter and Spring.

What’s Included in Our Maintenance Program?

Canga Restoration offers maintenance programs that are tailored to each customer’s roof type and the age of the roof.  Because each maintenance contract is customized, it will include what we mutually agree is in your best interest for the health and longevity of your roofing system.  We offer the following options:

  • Interior & exterior inspection once or more per year
  • Removal of potentially damaging debris
  • Cleaning of drains & gutters
  • Repair of membrane punctures
  • Infrared Sensor Scans (suggested to detect moisture on flat or low slope roof systems)
  • Resealing of flashing around roof protrusions
  • Inspection of seams & expansion joints
  • Re-secure gutters, downspouts & other loose metal
  • Discount on all roof repairs plus priority appointments

All our commercial roof maintenance programs come with a written report of the state of your roof after each visit.  This can benefit you should you need to file an insurance claim in the case of storm damage.

About The Owner:

Carlos started swinging a hammer as a construction laborer at the age of 21. He found his passion as he grew as a tradesman in construction, carpentry, and framing houses. After years of hard work, he was laid off and decided to start his own business. He started Canga Restoration in 2010 as a subcontractor for many large companies. Two years later in 2012, he got his roofing license and became a General Contractor. Canga Restoration has grown into a well managed business with integrity and ethics and continues to grow every day.

“I highly recommend Canga Roof. They handled everything and got my roof installed right away. Roof looks great. They installed it in one day and cleaned everything up. Everyone I dealt with was friendly and helpful. Thanks guys!”

Tom B.
Schaumburg, IL

“Probably one of the most professional, hardworking, and quick roof installations I have seen in my 40+ years in construction management.”

Dale H.
Rockford, IL

“We had a great experience with Canga Restoration!! Our home looked fantastic, and we are so happy with everything. Thank you so much for all that you did. We would recommend this company to anyone getting work done.”

Nicole R.
Bartlett, IL

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