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west chicago il roofing contractor

The team at Canga Restoration has been providing superior roofing service for homeowners in West Chicago and the surrounding Illinois area for over 15 years. Our Algonquin roofing professionals have extensive experience in all areas of roofing repair, replacement, and installation. We are also qualified in other exterior services such as siding, guytters, windows, complete storm restoration and even hail and wind damage repair. We are Illinois state certified and insured in order to guarantee quality service that is handled safely and professional from start to finish. Next time go with the pros. Choose Canga Restoration.

Roof Repairs

Over time components in your roof will begin to deteriorate and need to be replaced. In some cases your entire roof may be need to be torn out and a brand new roof installed. So whether you need partial or whole repair, we can restore your roof back to excellent condition and provide your home with ultimate protection. Our roof repair is comprehensive. This means that everything from your wood planks, to shingles, and even the supporting framework can be fully restored. A brand new roof will give your home the upgade it needs and improve your curb appeal and your market value.

Complete Roof Inspection

When having your roof inspected it's important to hire a company that you can trust to give you an accurate and thorough assessment. Nothing can be left to chance. We provide a point-by-point inspection that includes every single part of your roof from top to bottom. We check the overall condition for warps, missing or damaged shingles, moisture damage, any water or air leaks, and other key areas. We then make recommendations on what we can do to get your roof back in top condition. With a proper roof inspection you'll have peace of mind in knowing your roof will provide ultimate protectiong for everything and everyone in your home.

Quality Siding For Your Home

Siding is hands down one of the most popular types exterior home protection on the market today. It's tough, durable finish makes it ideal in any type of climate. Siding is great for insulating your home and seaing it from moisture, wind, and extreme temperatures. It's tough outer finish retains it's beautiful look for several years. It's also easy to install and replace. You can choose from aluminum, stone, vinyl, stucco, wood, or cedar siding. Each comes with it's own unique set of features and benefits. No matter what type of siding you can feel confident that it will both beautify and shield your home.

Gutter Installation and Maintenance

Gutters are the perfect for solution for keeping rainwater from building up around your home. Gutters channel water away from the base of your foundation and reduce the risk of flooding or wood rot. We provide gutter repair, installation, and ongoing maintenance that includes cleaning and clearing out your entire gutter system. We offer great gutter solutions that work for any type of roofing system. We also install gutter guards that keep leaves, twigs, and other debris out of your gutters. This cuts down on the amount of cleaning you'll have to do over the course of a year. It insures that water is flowing through your gutters every time it rains.

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